Moroccan Tan – Skin Refining Primer 150ml

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MoroccanTan Skin Refining Primer

MoroccanPrimer has been perfectly formed to prep your skin prior to tanning or as a weekly skin treatment. Organic exfoliating agents, Argan Nut Shell and Raspberry Seed Powder work effortlessly to buff away dead cells, detoxify and purify the skin to create a polished finish.

Key Ingredients 
+ Organic Argan Oil works to Condition + Repair 
+ Organic Rosehip Oil work to Hydrate + Soothe
+ Organic Coconut Oil works to Protect +Replenish
+ Organic Exfoliating Agents work to Buff + Polish 
+ Vitamin C works to Build + Protect

MoroccanPrimer is free from Soap, SLS and Microbeads.

Visit our Goodness Glossary for a more in-depth insight into our formulas.

Fragrance: Mint Tea
Size: 150ml
SKU: 1-MT0007014


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