Aspect Illuminating Polish 220ml

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The Aspect Illuminating Polish is a 3-in-1 exfoliant that helps brighten skin tone, even texture, and enhance serum/moisturizer penetration. It incorporates Ecoscrub, Lactic acid, and papaya extract and is suitable for all skin types. It provides a comprehensive approach to skincare and delivers excellent results, giving a healthy complexion.

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Having bright and clear skin is a desirable trait for many individuals. The Aspect Illuminating Polish is a three-in-one exfoliant that helps to brighten skin tone, even skin texture, enhance the penetration of serums and moisturizers, and shed dead skin cells. This exfoliant is a holistic approach to skincare that aims to deliver the best results possible.

The Aspect Illuminating Polish incorporates a variety of exfoliants to achieve the desired results. The Ecoscrub used in this product is an ocean and marine-life safe physical exfoliant with no microplastics, providing a physical scrub to brighten and smooth the skin. Lactic acid is also used in this product to rehydrate, brighten, and smooth the skin, while papaya extract provides a natural enzymatic exfoliation that is rich in antioxidants, moisturizing the skin while smoothing texture and tone.

The Aspect Illuminating Polish is suitable for all skin types, except the very sensitive, due to the hydrating nature of the AHA and enzymatic exfoliants in the product. The mildly sensitive skin should use the product more as a mask, minimizing rubbing of the physical exfoliants, or apply to a damp face to mitigate any inflammatory effects.

The use of the Aspect Illuminating Polish provides a comprehensive approach to skincare. This product delivers excellent results by brightening the skin tone, smoothing the skin texture, and ensuring serums and moisturizers are absorbed effectively. Individuals looking for a bright, smooth and healthy complexion will benefit from using the Aspect Illuminating Polish as part of their skincare routine.


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